DATE:  July 19

TIME:  8:30 am to 1:00 pm

LOCATION:  Glenn Price Research Laboratory, 29010 Hawthorne Drive, Meadowview, VA  & Abingdon 4H Center


AUDIENCE:   Middle & High School

PRESENTER:   Tommie Pratt

CONTACT:    Dr. Lester

DESCRIPTION:    This presentation is especially geared to Middle and High School teachers interested in Science, Math, Agri Science, Horticulture and the Environment. Join us and learn the story of the destruction of 4 billion chestnut trees and the 27 years of research to restore an American Chestnut to our forests.  A hayride will take you through the chestnut orchards to see the trees and describe the backcrossing, inoculation, and pollination of the trees. Part of the presentation will discuss the new genetic research.  We will then move to the 4-H center and a hands on introduction to the ACF Learning Box.  This classroom tool provides more information and physical samples for hands on demonstration, flash drive, books, and activity pages for teaching.

A coffee break and lunch will be provided by the local branch of ACF to honor our teachers and a learning box will be presented to a lucky recipient (cash value of $250).