Graphic Design One Course Syllabus 2009-2010   

Email: secondary resources, AHS Teachers Web pages, click Anderson/Art Text: Classroom set; Discovering Drawing Ted Rose and Sallye Mahan-Cox   published by Davis Publications,   Scholastic Magazine,  CoreFX and Adobe Illustrator 10 Software and Wacom drawing tablet.


Graphic Design One Course Description:

Graphic Design One is a beginning design class with emphasis on drawing skills.  This course covers basic drawing and designing techniques, methods, and a variety of tools to help improve skills for all different skill levels. Students will be introduced to different artists and artistic styles.  Students will be introduced to traditional and contemporary designing and drawing medias.  The course foundation is built on the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design. Students will complete projects to develop a personal portfolio.                  This course meets all Virginia learning standards.

VA SOL’s in the Foundations of Art available online at the

following address:


Graphic Design One Course Goals:

­-Students evolve as an artist through drawing and designing skills/techniques as well as inspiration from a variety of artists and art periods.                                                                                                                    – Students learn designing and drawing perception skills to accurately and confidently

  record what is perceived. 

- Students learn to design and draw using artistic imagery in creative ways.     

- Students build confidence in designing and drawing skills, being able to convey ideas that 

  are perceived and imagined for others and oneself to enjoy.  

- Students should develop an appreciation and enjoyment for the art of designing and

  drawing through knowledge obtained and a lot of practice,

- Students share their ideas and completed work with others.

-Students will learn to use computer software to complete successful graphic designs from

  simple drawings to detailed drawings,  illustrating to product packaging.


Graphic Design One Course Expectations:

-Students are required to keep a visual journal.

-Students are expected to utilize class time and complete assignments and projects.

-Students will take notes and makeup work that they missed due to absences.                              -Students develop as a creative artist with visualization and perception skills, successfully

  translating them into drawings.                                                                                             –Student will develop confidence in designing and drawing through understanding and  

  properly learning to use; tools, techniques, methods and different inspirational sources.       -Students will enjoy the creative process through appreciation for different artists and  

  artistic styles and personal designing and drawing development                                                                         - Students will develop a successful portfolio of art work and are required to display art