DATE:  July 9, 2018

TIME:  8:30 am to 1:00 pm




PRESENTER:   Jessa Berry

DESCRIPTION:  Childhood trauma can have a direct, immediate, and potentially over-whelming impact on the ability of a child to learn and relate appropriately with others.  This training will explore how educators can begin to understand the role of trauma, its effect on children and learning, and how educators can change methods of interacting and responding to children impacted by trauma.

Specifically, this workshop will discuss:  (1) The types of childhood trauma and what makes an experience traumatic.  (2) Brain development and the relationship between early adverse experiences and subsequent youth health and behaviors.  (3) How educators can create a trauma-informed classroom.  Proactively apply trauma-informed classroom strategies benefits all students.  Students respond positively when educators get to know their individual circumstances, affirm their identities and cultivate empathy in the classroom.