DATE:  July16, 2018

TIME:  8:30 am to 1:00 pm




PRESENTER:  Dedra Stafford (SDE)

DESCRIPTION:   The message of this inspiring day is grounded in the latest research and balanced with practical strategies, making it perfect for the PK-12 classroom.  Dedra will demonstrate how to integrate social and emotional learning into a curriculum that has been shown to increase personal and school-wide growth.  In this friendly and approachable style, they present strategies, activities and stories to help you develop responsible, self-motivated learners.  Learn a variety of social, academic and self-skill strategies along with ideas and activities for teaching students mindfulness.  Empower your students to tap into their inner strengths, self-regulate and control executive functions and develop growth mindset.  See the results in your classroom as students demonstrate perseverance and resilience, a sense of responsibility, honesty, integrity, empathy and gratitude.