Objectives of United States History include the following. Students will study and analyze the Colonial Period, the nation's beginning, the Revolutionary War, slavery issues, division of the Union, and the reunion of the nation. They will understand the changes, advancements, and struggles that the United States faced with imperialism and becoming a world power. The effects of the economic boom, World War 1, the Great Depression, and recovery through The New Deal will be compared. Students will achieve an understanding of the "Hot War" and the "Cold War" years. This will include the study of World War II, origins of the Cold War, and the post-war years (1939-1960). They will get an educational understanding of the different upheavals during the sixties and obtain a better understanding of the Kennedy and Johnson years, civil rights movements, and the Vietnam War. They will be able to see the continuity and change from the Watergate scandal through the Clinton Presidency.